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Default Re: Lets talk about Kemba Walker

Last time I checked, which was a week ago, Kemba was leading the nation in scoring. But he has come back down to earth a bit now. As for his draft stock and NBA potential? Some NBA "experts" have really given him some props after his strong performance in the summer against some of the NBA players. Plus he has really made a mark with his strong performance at the start of the season. So his stock as risen. Last time I looked at a mock draft, he was in the top ten. But a lot really depends on what happens with the rest of the season. If he can get UConn to finish in the top 3 of the Big East and help the program reach the Elite Eight of the NCAA, he just cashed a check for a lottery pick. If he stumbles and we fall into the middle of the pack, he will be strong 2nd rounder for sure. But he does have NBA potential that is for sure.
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