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Default Re: Season Saving Trade (HOU/ATL)

Originally Posted by Nash-tastic
Why would the Hawks trade Josh Smith?

I had read that they were big on Horford moving back to PF if they could get a center.

The news of Horford’s signing led to one question: who is leaving?

After all, the Hawks can’t possibly afford big tickets for Joe Johnson, Josh Smith, Marvin Williams, and Horford, right?

Somebody must be on the trading block, but whom?

Johnson, the franchise star with a max’ contract, isn’t leaving; there’s little market for an expensive blending player like Williams, especially in this economy; and Horford just re-upped.

This makes Smith – a high-flying, talented, and temperamental forward - expendable. He’ll be in demand, even with three years and $36 million remaining on his big ticket.

So they get a decent wing, a young big they can start, and a good PF to backup Horford. Throw in our 2nd rounder if they want it.
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