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If we can move up to get Gay/Roy/Carney without giving up too much, I say we do it. I would only want Redick if we can keep DeShawn as the starting SG. Our perimeter defense would be too weak with 2 relatively undersized players for there position starting in the backcourt (Nelson at about 5'10, Redick at 6'4). I think I would rather we move up and take one of the aforementioned players.

Williams would be ok I guess. He would have to be content with being a bench player for the rest of his career though. If we draft him he wouldn't get alot of playing time for a while behind D/D/Battie. I'd rather wait 'til Fran comes over.

I wouldn't mind involving Grant Hill in some sort of trade. I think his time is pretty much up with this team. With Hedo playing so well and Ariza needing minutes, there is really no place for Hill anymore. Which sounds strange, because when he's healthy he's still an all-star level player. I just don't think he fits with the team anymore.
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