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Default Re: Lets talk about Kemba Walker

What a shock, someone who rarely posts in the college forum has a question that is only related to a guy's NBA future. Don't we have an NBA Draft forum specifically for this? Don't get me wrong, I love the NBA every bit as much as college basketball, but this would be like me going to the NBA forum only to talk about how guys used to be in college, except far more annoying since we don't know what kind of NBA player guys are gonna be.

To answer the question, though, I'd put Walker behind Kyrie Irving, Josh Selby and Demetri McCamey, personally.

I think Walker can be a good change-of-pace scoring guard off the bench like Bobby Jackson or Jason Terry- or like Mo Williams should be- but I don't think he's a true point guard who you want running an NBA offense.

The same might be true of Selby but he's a different level of explosive who could be a better shooting Russell Westbrook. He's a score-first guard, too, but he's younger, bigger and more explosive than Walker.

Irving, despite injury, was clearly the best point guard in the country before going down and compares well to Chris Paul at the same age. There's not a lot else to say about him that hasn't already been said. If he comes out and the injury isn't lingering, he's a top-three pick. He doesn't have the same type of size and explosiveness as Rose or Wall but he's the best pure, classic-style point guard to enter college since CP3.

McCamey is a rarity as a senior who's a 1st-round prospect, but he's again among the nation's leaders in assists and is looking more like a Deron Williams clone every day: the same size/strength, preturnatural playmaking ability and he's a threat to score at all three levels, with NBA range on his outside shot (35 of 67 from three this year). He has a terrific feel for the pick-and-roll/pop and might only get better in the NBA once running a pro-style, pick-and-roll based offense where he can penetrate more instead of facilitating a motion offense, just like Deron did coming out of the same system at Illinois.

I'm not quite as high on Walker as a future pro as some others might be. I think, though, it's important to remember that his team NEEDS him to score like this. That's not the case for McCamey, Irving, or Selby. So the fact that he has so much offensive responsibility on his plate and is coming through is impressive. That he's doing so in such a tremendously efficient manner is even more impressive. He's also an excellent on-ball defender and did play more of a facilitating style his freshman and sophomore years, so he has more going for him than just gaudy scoring numbers.

If I could be convinced he can be a pro-style point guard and effectively run an NBA offense, I might have him only behind Irving. If I don't see evidence of it, I'd consider not only having those three ahead of him, but possibly Brandon Knight as well if he continues to do a better job taking care of the ball. (I think Knight is a Ben Gordon clone, though, and not a point guard.)

Ultimately, I don't know if NBA types are going to be wooed by huge scoring numbers on what will ultimately prove to be a fairly average UConn team. It's the other stuff that is either going to put (or keep, depending on your perspective of where he's currently projected) him in the lottery.

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