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Default Re: Lets talk about Kemba Walker

There was a pretty well written piece on ESPN comparing Kemba to Tony Parker, which isn't something I really agree with. Parker for one is a lot bigger than he's given credit for. But there are some similarities in that both sort of force the tempo, and are almost overly agressive coming off the pick and roll. Both also have an unusually good knack for scoring in traffic. Walker is probably a more physical gifted athlete, but I don't think he's nearly as crafty with the ball, and what he gives up in size will show up more against NBA athletes. Like I said, I'm not crazy about the comp, but it was well enough written that it gave me some pause for thought.

My big issue with the praise he's gotten for this hot start is that he's shooting unnaturally well on two point field goals. Well in ways that even true interior bigs don't shoot. I don't remember the number, but it's rediculously high, and will come down. It lends itself to him returning to the mean to some degree. And unfortunatelly part of his problem is that he's never been a great decision maker, and some of that is being masked by the fact that everything is going in at the moment. So when his shooting does come back to earth, it's not only going to make people think he's not as great a scorer as they do now, but it's going to make people also remember that he's not really a PG either.

I've been a McCamey guy for a few years now too. But I always dig big PGs. And I've been on Irving too since he was a Soph. He's a guy you only have to see a few times, and he doesn't even have to produce, yet it's still obvious he's a difference maker all the time.
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