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Not too many good match-ups this weekend. Seems like a show more to showcase new talent then anything else. Fight Night was pretty dope though. Rashad's head kick was something else and I was shocked when Franca was able to flurry Fisher to death. Amazed Spencer didn't go down. Marquadt also made team Jackson look more impressive then ever. Guy has to be the #1 contender outside of Franklin.

as to this weekend...

Silva over Lutter by TKO round 3, Lutter will be able to get it to the ground, but he will not submit Silva and will generally Lay'n'Pray. He'll eat a knee coming in or a straight after standing back up and that'll be that.

Cro Cop by whatever he wants, but probably a LHK or straight left, 1st round.

Rampage over Eastman by decision. Page just hasn't been the same since Wanderlei left him face down over the ropes bleeding on the scorers table. Guy couldn't even beat Matt Lindland convincingly.

Machida by whatever he wants.
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