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Default Re: OT- 50's new beef

Don't believe that little snippet you heard. 50 plans on putting out a new CD and was hunting for more media attention to help him move units. He spent the entire interview talking greasy and gloating hoping some artist would be drawn in.

He tried to get Styles P to fall for it. Styles didn't. Styles long ago accepted that he's never going to be a star and get filthy rich. So 50 trying to insult his fame and sales had no impact on Styles.

Cam on the other hand took the bait. He got into a back and forth thing about the success of Dipset artist versus G-Unit artist. Normally I'm not a Cam supporter but I don't think he was totally in the wrong. 50 has been taking pot shots at them for a while. Just find it unfortunate that they are gonna be used as a marketing tool for 50.
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