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Default Re: OT: UFC 67 (Cro Cops UFC debut)

Originally Posted by IamtheWalrus
you try losing 30 pounds and tell me if your a ***** or not.

wasted effort in my opinion, but no ***** though.

i was actually calling him a d*o*u*c*h*e bag, I try not to insult fighter's toughness by calling them b!tches and such since most professional fighters are a helluva lot tougher then you or me. Just can't believe he went through all that TUF garbage and throws away his chance like this.

and Gomi is gonna crush Diaz. I mean Sherk outboxed Nick for god's sake, and Diaz's wrestling probably isn't good enough to get Gomi down. Probably won't finish since Diaz is tough but I don't think it'll be much of a fight.

But Penn would still **** him up. I know Gomi's gotten a lot better since their first fight, but I think BJ's skills have improved as well, if not his gas tank. Their first fight was just so incredibly lopsided, Penn had to have landed between 20-30 shots and Gomi <10, while Penn absolutely dominated on the ground with good takedowns, good GnP, and advanced to whatever position he wanted.

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