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Default Re: OT: UFC 67 (Cro Cops UFC debut)

Originally Posted by Zombles
i was actually calling him a d*o*u*c*h*e bag, I try not to insult fighter's toughness by calling them b!tches and such since most professional fighters are a helluva lot tougher then you or me. Just can't believe he went through all that TUF garbage and throws away his chance like this.

and Gomi is gonna crush Diaz. I mean Sherk outboxed Nick for god's sake, and Diaz's wrestling probably isn't good enough to get Gomi down. Probably won't finish since Diaz is tough but I don't think it'll be much of a fight.

But Penn would still **** him up. I know Gomi's gotten a lot better since their first fight, but I think BJ's skills have improved as well, if not his gas tank. Their first fight was just so incredibly lopsided, Penn had to have landed between 20-30 shots and Gomi <10, while Penn absolutely dominated on the ground with good takedowns, good GnP, and advanced to whatever position he wanted.

nice pic! after the fight penn was interviewed by baroni and didnt have a mark on him. penn probably wouldve finished it in the first round as he had gomi's back, with hooks in but ran out of time. ill see if i can find the fight somewhere and post it.
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