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Default Re: Anyone else frustrated?

We need Deron, Al, and AK to step every game. Bell needs to play better and stop complaining to the refs.

OTHER than DERON are they capable? Bells old.

Last two-three weeks, Hayward might be our best player and he's a rookie. He's the only guy to seem to play with some heart.

LOL! From worthless to MVP in a matter of weeks!

I've just been getting the vibe from Deron Williams in the last 2-3 weeks that he almost wants out of town with his body language on and off the court, I may be wrong, but he's not happy with this team right now

CAn u blame him? He's one of the best players in the league. He watches what other franchises do and he's stuck in Utah.

if we needed those, we would have resigned or tried harder to get Boozer back.

No they didn't want to pay him 16 million a year. Made no sense to sign Jefferson with MILLSap around anyway. THey should try to send Jefferson and or Okur in the Carmelo deal and try to get RIp.

I think Sloan should try starting Deron at the 2, and play Earl Watson at the PG, so we could have a dual point guard starting line-up, some teams have done it this year, I think the Jazz should try it, they need to speed up their offense.

But that still leaves Price in the rotation which along with Fessenko and Elson is one of their problems.

I want to see this every night.

But you won't cuz Millsap won't get the ball despite shooting 55% from the field.

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