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Default Re: Curry got snubbed.

The fact is that there aren't many good centers in the league.

Because of Curry's size he eats the smaller one's for breakfast. He scores almost at will because the team was designed to do that.

Against the better teams he doesn't do anything because they all know Curry doesn't play D and doesn't rebound and doesn't pass and doesn't block shots.

So what exactly does Curry do?

Not much other than bully teams with smaller less physical centers and teams that don't play defense.

He'll score 30 points on a weak team and 15 on against a good one without making much of an impact. He becomes a ghost against good defensive teams because he can't do anything but make layups. He can't shot.....he has no jump shot.

Did anybody ever see him shot a short jump shot?

Get more than a few rebounds?

Pass the ball?

Shut down anybody defensively?

Curry is a fraud and the good teams show this to be true. Yao eats him for breakfast.

But Zeke will smoke and mirror everybody to death trying to make this guy look like the second coming, he's more like a second helping.

Don't believe the hype.......Curry stinks.

Yes he has the physical attributes and moves exceptionally well for a big man.

But he has almost no basketball skills other than being able to work on the offensive side under the basket.

That's why the coaches didn't vote him in. It has nothing to do with anything other than those coaches know the players and he doesn't deserve to be an allstar.
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