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Default Re: Question on Marreese Speights

Originally Posted by StateProperty
I have no issues with him falling in love with the mid range jumper. He probably has as good a shot from that range as any big in the league. He just looks so awkward when he gets down low. He has really poor foot work and poor awareness. And then there's the defense...

You have no problem with a big incapable of putting his back to the basket and scoring? Its one thing if he could do this and well + had a midrange jumper. Its another where he simply doesnt even go to the block. He's not even a sniper from out there. Atleast you have guys who can shoot their ass off. He cant even do that. Hit or miss.

I'm not feeling big men who have no low post game whatsoever. Even Rasheed Wallace had that.

Then defense, rebounding and basic passing? He blows. But these were things that were red flags when he was drafted. His bball IQ and work ethic were questioned. He has a ways to go before he can be a starter in this league (in the legit sense that is).
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