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Default Re: Curry got snubbed.

Why do they have an all star game every year? The reason Shaq is in is because he spells his Shaq. This guy hasn't done squat the first half of the season. How can people vote for someone how hasn't played enough games to be determine an All Star for that year. We all know he doesn't play as hard in the first half as he does in the second half of the season. I thought you have to earn a spot the All Star team. Whats the Heats record? 21-25. I don't care if you hurt or not. It should be what have you done for me lately, not, oh its Shaq vote him in. They should change the name of the game from All Star Game to All Star Name, because thats what it is.

Now we all seem surpise that Melo got snubed.....i'm not and i'm happy he's not in it either. Yeah his numbers are great but his character as a man sucks. The last time i seen someone hit a person and run i was in middle school.

It is true that Eddie doesn't play D or rebound, but Eddie's the main reason why the Knicks are progressing forward.

Eddie has done more for the Knicks this season than Shaq has done for Heat this season.

How can you vote a player when he hasn't played. A player is a teammate who plays in the game. You can't be a player and not play.

I don't care about anyone else on the all star roster, but shaq is doing what he does best and that is taking up space.
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