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Originally Posted by BeckDiggLer
Two trades can't "go down" in the NBA WTF are you talking about.
Odom and Mihm can be traded easily everybody I named is on the block right now. Odom, Mihm, Duhon, Magliore, Williams and Allen.

Odom is not a system type guy I don't care how many years he plays in it. Do you play basketball, have you watched his routes on his cuts? They are all the same, he never changes what he is doing that is why he is so easy to defend. He is always taking the same bad angle which causes him to post up too high he never gets good low-post position, why because he is easy to scout. Every player in the league knows what Odom is going to do everytime down the court. He always moves at the same pace he never changes speed, he never sets up the defender with clever moves, he does not put much effort into getting open without the ball. Odom is not a thinker and non thinkers don't play well in systems like the triangle he is a free wheeler plain and simple that does not think about what he is doing while he is playing just like payton when he played here, he WILL NOT FIT EVER!

I know what you mean about how he does the same cuts every time but i am just saying he is still a good player and we arent desperate enough to get rid of him for people that arent as good.

Another thing, has Miluakee shwed interest? noone knows.

Not every single team wants Odom and Mihm.

Just be more realistic is all Im saying every trade doesnt work out like people want.
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