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Originally Posted by MannyO
So far this has been a less than perfect season we are currently 1-7 and alot of those games have been blowouts. The team we have this season is undersized and young and they just dont know how to compete. We have 9 games remaining in the regular season and 3 of them are going to be the real challenges but other than that we should be able to pull off enough wins to get us into the playoffs. Now the coach has made me the captain of the team and he wants me to lead. I do whatever it takes for us to win whether its scoring, lockdown D, rebounding or w.e. One of our biggest problems this season is that we have trouble scoring and rebounding. I feel that I need to be more aggressive on the offensive end in order to keep us in the game and along with crashing the boards. Its going to be tough but I am willing to put in the work, has anybody ever been in this situation and can help me out?

As long as your given 100% then that's all you can really ask to do. Some guys are just more talented.
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