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Do not fall into the abyss. I have a club in my program that currently stands at 0-6 and my little brothers' team is now also 0-6. I can tell that one team is about to crack. The coach is terribly frustrated with the players. The players are terribly frustrated with the coach. Tempers are flaring. Players want to quit because losing sucks. All that good stuff.

In my brothers' case, I have encouraged him to continue to attempt to lead his squad (freshman team). A number of his classmates were moved up to the JV level, leaving the cupboard quite bare. It's been tough on my guy but I'm proud that he's done a good job of helping to keep things positive and competitive.

It's clear there's really two ways a team can go at this point after such a rough start. They can jump off the cliff or they can fight for their life. One may as well go down fighting. If you love the game, I see no reason as to why one would mentally give up and more or less mail in a season while laying blame on teammates, coaches, etc.
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