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Default Official Suns vs. Spurs Thread 02/01/07

A day early i know. Forgive me all great ISH gods, but this game is important IMO.

To me, even more so than the Mavericks (who the Suns play so close that i consider that a wash), the Spurs have been a good measuring stick for the Suns IMO. Because the Spurs, even in regular season, exploit the Suns to a degree that all other teams are trying to do but usually can't.

The Suns have such an advantage athletically over the Spurs that they should honestly be able to run them to death, but they never do. They also go so cold against the Spurs from the three point line that it has to be nerves. It just has to.

A lot of the feel good of the past month would be wiped out by a 10 point loss to the Spurs. However, beating the Spurs and doing it with Sun Style run and gun, that would say A LOT in my opinion.

My two cents.
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