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Default Re: Official Suns vs. Spurs Thread 02/01/07

Originally Posted by Brunch@Five

Duncan 40 points
Marion 20 rebounds
Nash 15 assists
Duncan 5 blocks
Manu 5 flops
Parker 5 easy layups against Nash

all under except Parker (the over under should be set higher there because he is getting around 6 layups a game and he's against a weak defender).

Losing to the TWolves shows the Suns were looking ahead to this game.

It's the Suns midterm exam, they can make up grades on the finals, but this test will show them what kind of student they are and wether they have the wherewithal and acumen to finish head of the class.

For the Spurs I think its a very good barometer and a poor showing (especially one that exposes a glaring weakness) will lead to a roster shake up.

Not too often top teams get to play each other it seems (not so many top teams) so it should be great.


Suns benifit from a huge (~40pts) quarter to win at home 110 - 99
Spurs soon deal Barry or Finley for young energy.
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