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Default Re: Anyone else frustrated?

Well since every point you made was borderline retarded and I've gotten past the point where I waste my time responding to your worthless post I'll respond to the only logical point I saw you make.

We're less dominate at home. Do you think Deron preferred if we were much more dominant at home but shitty on the road again? Do you think we're gonna have homecourt against teams like the Lakers? We need to win on the road like we never could before. It's no0t like we don't have one of the best home records in the leauge at the moment but we also have one of the best road records. If you'd ask me any year if I'd give up some of those home wins just to have one of the best road records the clear answer is yes.

That's why we're 3rd in the west right now and why we're 27-13.
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