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Originally Posted by Pistol Pete
Clearly they are MMA fighters, but as long as there is two elite organizations, then there will be the comparisons, it's only natural. And they are PRIDE fighters, they rose in PRIDE, and came to the UFC. They are Mixed Martial Artists, but they are known for their ties to the PRIDE Organization.

Bottom Line, they all are exciting fighters and are going to have a major impact in the UFC. I think Silva could lose his belt very soon to - Marquardt, Lindland or Hughes - I imagine Marquardt will get the shot first. Cro Cop is going to get the belt and will not lose it. I think Liddell will defeat Rampage as of right now.

I know it's natural, I just think it's dumb. I've done it before, but then I realized I'd much rather debate about fighters then about organizations.

And you're point is on except about Silva, he didn't really make his name in Pride and doesn't have many lingering ties there. Kind of a wanderer, he's been in ROTR, Cage Rage, UFC, Pride, and Shooto with no more then 5 fights in any one organization.

As for the MW belt... I don't think Hughes is gonna go up in weight, he'll finish his trilogies with Penn and GSP first. If Lindland gets signed he'll probably pound Silva into dust, weakest part of Anderson's game by far is his wrestling. Marquadt's a talented fighter, but if he stands he'll get KOd and if it goes to the ground I really doubt he could submit Silva.

Rampage just hasn't been the same since Wanderlei left him hanging over the ropes bleeding on a scorers table. Chuck would take the rematch.
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