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Originally Posted by HKSVIP
Why do people say we have so many freakin guards. we have two pg's and 2 sg's. thats all i have to say. it's annoying when people say we have too many guards and i dont know what people are talking about. marbury robinson for point and francis crawford for sg. richardson and rose play sf on this team not guard. we have 4 guards, two for each guard position. IMO we could use some defensive depth at each position.

Nate, Marbury and Francis are all point guards. Despite what you might say Francis is a point guard. He's always played that position.

Crawford and Richardson are both shooting guards and rose is a small forward who probably shouldn't be playing major minutes. Woods isn't a starter at small forward. So what we have is two starters at point and shooting guard and no starters at small forward. And to top that off. Nobody at any of those positions will defend. And all of them expect starters minutes.

It's an absolute mess. The knicks do have too many guards. What the knicks need to do is get rid of Francis or Marbury and Rose and find a solid backup point and possibly a defensive starter at small forward. (Though that's not going to happen)
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