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Default anyone else here ever been to Miami Beach?

As I sit here in 4 degree chill, I can't help but get angry when I watch ESPN and see all those lucky *******s in south beach soaking up the sunshine. Man, I love that place. I went there for Spring Break in '04 and '05. I'm not even THAT big of a party guy. I just love the beaches, the women, the car the food, and the overall "flavor" of the place. While I love the three main streets (Collins, Washington, and Ocean), I would say my favorite is Ocean. It has a pretty sweet Fat Tuesdays, the Clevelander, and some pretty awesome restaurants (Johnny Rockets and TGI Fridays were the only ones I could afford, though). Overall, I am amazed at how late the action carries on until. It was just as busy at 5 a.m. as it was at midnight. For those who have been there, what do you like/dislike about Miami Beach? Where were some of your favorite places?
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