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Default Re: Tay Needs To Be Traded Too....

Originally Posted by Nastradamus
I don't think they'd do something like that in Dallas. We could probably use Tay's contract to pick up a longer term contract like Iguodala or Kaman, but I don't see us getting a draft pick for him.

Also worth considering. If we are dealing Rip, we should probably hold on to Tay in order to take full advantage of the expiring deal we'd get for Rip. If only one of thsoe 2 comes off the books, we have limited room. If both come off, we can sign whoever we please, like Randolph.

We need our 1st round picks. I think we need more too and I think teams we could potentially trade with will want to trade them. Think about it, most of those teams are over the cap. A 1st round pick means you just gave someone a guaranteed contract. That's why teams like the Lakers are typically trying to trade their first rounders. A team like Dallas would do the same thing. They'd be one of the favorites with Tay. That could be enough to put them right there with the Lakers. They would be extremely deep at that point.

I don't really like the FA class this year. There's one guy who I've mentioned a couple of times and that's Tyson Chandler. I'm not sure Dallas will just let him walk though. At this point in his career he might like playing for a contender, but he probably also wants one last big contract. Detroit is also going to need to resign Stuckey and Jerebko. They'll also need to make a decision about Wilcox (now starting....), Prince, McGrady, and Summers. Anyway around it they aren't going to have a ton of cap space. Yao Ming will be available but that's a huge gamble. Some team is going to try it out though. Who knows, maybe he'll have to take the MLE. Greg Oden will be restricted. He might be worth trying to pay a little bit. If he could stay healthy he might play well with Monroe. Other than that there's just not a lot that excites me about this FA class. I've always liked Randolph but another PF isn't the answer to this team. I think the best way to build is to try to go after one of those C's and keep working the draft for young talent.
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