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Originally Posted by shaqman
yeah. you misspelled "Pujols" and he'll get about 50 as will Howard.

The Cubs'll barely miss the playoffs, and the Mets will do a little worse than last year, the Braves could return to glory in the East, but the Mets'll still be the team to beat.

BooHoo, I misspelled a foreign guy's name! How terrible of me. . .I should be shot! jk. . .I really thought it had an "e" in it though. . . oh well. . .life goes on. . .Anyhoo, responding to your post; Cubs will get better this year, but they won't be among the best. Mets will do better though.
. . .
Think Pujols or Howard (or anybody else for that matter) can break 60 hrs?
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