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Default Re: Tay Needs To Be Traded Too....

Eh, I disagree with the statement "we need our first rounder draft picks". They are nice, at times, but I'd throw one in to a deal in a heartbeat. Its MUCH more important to move Rip. Gordon can actually play like he is supposed to play with Rip gone and STuckey, as mentioned in another thread, is straight balling as a 2 guard.

I'm a big Randolph fan, not sure what the whole, we don't need another PF thing means. PF is pretty obviously the biggest need on this team. Monroe may play some time there, but he hasn't logged a minute there yet. He's a C, though he will probably be teamed with a bigger, shotblocking type, hence playing 10-15 minutes at the 4. Charlie or Jerebko could play the rest of the minutes, but ot me, this team needs a post scorer. I want Randolph badly for this reason. He's also an elite rebounder and at least as far as being a basketball player, he has matured a ton. He became a leader for the Grizzlies and is a better defender than he ever was previously.

I also like Perkins as a guy to pick up next year. He'd be awesome for us IMO. Chandler is also an option and of course Yao and Oden, the big gamble types. Dallas may not pay Chandler given how much they gave Haywood

We could also use our cap space to make a trade though, for a guy with a big contract, like NJ with Melo or even more so,Utah with Jefferson.
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