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Default Re: Tay Needs To Be Traded Too....

Sure I'd package a first rounder for the right guy but I don't want to have a fire sale and give Rip and a first rounder away for a guy like Troy Murphy..... Any team rebuilding needs to do a good job drafting. Look at how a team like Oklahoma City built themselves. It was all through the draft. You can't just throw big time money at a bunch of FA's. You have to get those young guys who can potentially lead teams and be on a rookie contract too.

I know Monroe has been starting at C but I think we all agree he is more of a PF. He seems like a Pau Gasol like player who can play either position but is better suited for the 4 position. We have all kinds of guys who can play PF.... Daye, Maxiell, Charlie, Monroe, and definitely don't forget about Jerebko when he comes back from injury. That's not to say Randolph isn't a better player. I'm just saying the money is better spent on another position, depending on where we end up in the draft and who we can get. I really think a guy like Tyson Chandler down low with Monroe would make us a very good team really quick. He's a guy who blocks shots, grabs rebounds, and plays defense. He's always seemed like he would just fit in well in Detroit to me. Another guy who's doing the same right now is DeAndre Jordan. He's a restricted FA and someone might be able to offer him more than the Clippers are willing to. It wouldn't make sense to me for them to have him and Kaman. Of course trading Tay for Kaman is an option too. Anyway around it, I think pairing Monroe with a true C would be what's best for this team. To have a front line much like the Lakers have and then have guys like Jerebko and Daye to back them up would make this a dangerous team.

When considering the FA market the other thing to keep in mind is we aren't one of the teams who are projected to have a lot of money. Here's the list of teams with the lowest payroll projected for next season:

Sacramento Kings—$27.6
Indiana Pacers—$34.8
Houston Rockets—$36.2
New Jersey Nets—$36.3
Memphis Grizzlies—$40.8
Minnesota Timberwolves—$41.7
New York Knicks—$42.5
Denver Nuggets—$43.9
Toronto Raptors—$45

As you can see Memphis is one of those teams. I can only imagine they would like to keep their front line of Gasol and Randolph. Zach made 17 million this year I think. He's going to be forced to take a pay cut but I still think he might be priced out of what Detroit can offer. Detroit's projected payroll for next year is around 48 million and that's after Tay's contract drops off.... Keep in mind they will also need to extend Stuckey and Jerebko because they are restricted FA's. So is Summers but they will probably let him test the market. Prince, McGrady, and Wilcox are all unrestricted. Obviously Prince is going to walk. I think Detroit will think very hard about offering McGrady a contract. He has played well for us. Of course he might be able to get the MLE from a contender finally, which might be enticing to him at this point in his career. Point is, even if we traded Rip and had an expiring contract in return it will be very hard for Detroit to sign a top tier FA. They might have 10 million to spend on a FA. We'll have to see what happens with the new CBA too. I think that all makes having not just a first round pick but a lottery pick that much more valueable, even in a weak draft class. Like I said, for a good player I'm all for it. I just don't see that happening and I think C is still our weakest position. All of the elite teams in the NBA have one thing in common and that is they have long, athletic, talented front lines with plenty of depth.
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