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Default Re: Tay Needs To Be Traded Too....

Zach Randolph would be a good player if we really were an interior presence away from winning like we were a few years ago. We aren't there anymore. We need a legit 1, and also a front court player that can alter shots whether that's a 4 or 5. Those are the two most sought after "positions" in the league. We'll need to acquire a lot more assets to trade for one of these players, or build through the draft.

I think we're in position to build like Chicago has built their current team. We won't get the first over all, but we'll be able to get solid draft choices for the next 3 years. Then, our expensive contracts will be gone, so we can hit the FA market before we need to extend our rookie deals, like Chicago did with Boozer. The more young talent we can get, the better for the rebuilding. We arn't one player away, we need role players, starters, stars, everything.

John Henson is a 4 that might match up well with Monroe that has a good chance of being available at our pick. He's raw, but he can alter shots and might be a very good player in 2-3 years.

If we acquired more picks, like Dallas', we might be in the running for drafting someone like Brandon Knight, who's stock is falling, or reach a little bit and draft a guy like McCamey. I'd be very happy with McCamey with a late first rounder more than tying ourself to another huge contract. If we can acquire someone like McCamey, who could become a very good back up point guard, simply for trading one expirer for another, I'm all for it.

The bad thing right now for our team is it looks like we're tied to Hamilton until something else comes up again.
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