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Default Jazz trading down in the draft?

Lets create trades that would work for the Jazz.. As well as making sense for both teams...

They need to try to move up and grab Roy.
Boozer for the 5th pick and Childress, Atlanta can absorb Boozer's contract as they are below the salary cap. The Jazz get a bench player in Childress and has the chance to draft Roy. If Roy is not available they just need to grab the best available player out the top 6 players.

Boozer and the 14th and a second round pick for the 4th pick and Zach Randolph. Zach can get a fresh start and Boozer can bring a good citizen to Portland. Both put up similar numbers. Brandon Roy.

Boozer and the 14th pick for the 6th pick Blount and Jaric. Brandon Roy could be gone by the 6th pick so again you grab one of the top 6 players or Foye.

Boozer and the 14th pick for the 2nd pick Gordon and Sweetney. This would almost guarantee you Roy.

What do you think? Any other good possibilities you like?
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