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Unhappy Bucks out of the playoffs

Premature ??

They finally got MAggette into the line up , but I hate to say Skiles has not helped this loaded team with his rotations including the injuries that plagued the team.
They beat the Wiz a few nights ago , and should of built some confidence , but back at home lost to the Grizzlies.... The paint was open for the opponents to dominate the game and the score.
IMO there is no way they can come back to a .500 team , when the inefficiency of their rotation of players and PG's out shooting the rest of the team.
Redd will be gone , so even if they pull off a trade before the deadline , I pick their chances to make the playoff's at around 18%.
Their defensive minded team , but seems like part of their defense covers up the middle and PG weaknesses.
I think they should start giving Sanders some serious minutes and look to next year ... because it obviously ain't happening this year.
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