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Default Re: Pistons would like to trade Richard Hamilton

Yeah, I agree about Kanter. Even Calipari has said a few times that he wasn't as good as Cousins was coming into college. I think him not playing is only helping things out because someone will definitely take a chance on a big man. There's a lot of intriguing players and most mock drafts have us picking 6 or 7 still (again). I've seen some even having us pick Harrison Barnes now. He really hasn't proven himself in college yet. There's so much that will happen during March Madness that someones stock will go up too. I think this year if we keep the pick the idea should be to not play it safe and go with the person who has the most potential. The guy that could maybe be a perenial all-star. I know I've been saying C is our weakest position, but I'm thinking just draft any position and the guy who could potentially be awesome. I still need to see some more on some of these top rated players though.
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