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Originally Posted by dd24
So what does everyone think about T-Mac's play now that he's been starting at PG? He had a very nice game tonight. NY tried that experiment with him last year too and it kind of worked but I think he just wasn't quite healthy enough yet. If he can keep giving us good nights I hope we have a chance to resign him. This was really just a season for him to prove himself so he could get back to a contender, but I think with a few moves Detroit could still be back in the thick of things. Ideally on a championship contender I think he should be coming off the bench. Nonetheless, it's good to see T-Mac getting some playing time and even though he hasn't been amazing like we remember him he's still playing decent and giving us something to look forward to.

I still don't think teams will be overly aggressive in signing him this off season. I don't think he'll go for the minimum again, and I also don't think teams will want to use their midlevel on him.

He's been very solid, and is filling a huge need for us. I really hope he gives us a chance, as we were really the only team that believed in him. At the same time, I keep expecting him to be used in a trade.

I think this really shows how bad we need a true point. I wanted Felton bad and he's had a great year, but I'll be honest with myself and realize he would not have been the player he is now if he was playing in our system.

I think McGrady is a very good "gap" player at the PG, and he sells tickets and has people tune in that usually wouldn't for Detroit games. He deserves a winner, and who knows how long his body can hold up. I wouldn't be surprised to see him packaged with Hamilton if a team needs a little extra incentive to take on Rip.
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