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Default Re: Does Daye Start At PF?

I'm a newb so I can't create threads but I'm glad the Daye at PF experiement is over, along with the Stuckey PG one. Just never saw Daye going against the Zach Randolph,David West,Pau Gasols of the NBA.

But Daye has been impressive at times but inconsistent. Was hoping for more especially since he impressed me in summer league.

What are your feelings toward Daye, what player does he remind you of? I know people think of him as a Tayshaun clone, but Tay was a much better defender while I believe Daye is a better shooter than Tay was at his age.

I don't see superstar potential for Daye but think he could be really good, possibly a poor-man's Rashard Lewis?
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