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The more T-Mac starts and the more he keeps playing well the more teams are going to want him. Not as a starter of course but I could see a team like Miami, LA, Dallas, or another contender wanting him to come off the bench. At this point in his career I'm sure he just wants a championship. I wouldn't think Detroit would use him as trade bait, but for the right person I'm sure they'd make anyone available.

As far as the Stuckey comments, he played great at PG and SG. The problems we had in the back court obviously wasn't from him playing PG. It's more obvious to me that we had problems at SG, mainly with guys like Gordon. It seems like Gordon and Stuckey really don't play well together. Rip was injured the majority of last season and this season he hasn't played much. I think it's tough to say how well they could have gelled in the back court together.
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