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Default Re: Barkley says Sixers should tank

Originally Posted by StateProperty
I'd rather have guys play well, boost their own trade value, and win games to be more attractive to FA's than lose games and pray our top draft pick pans out.
Just to add a little more to this point, winning games with your young talent is what makes players want to come here. We lured a 20/10 guy from a place he had played for years and loved because we were an exciting young team even if we were bounced first round of the playoffs. Did it work out? Absolutely not. But you don't give yourself the opportunity to get big time free agents unless you win games first. Not unless you're a team like NYC or LAL.

And yes, Barkley is saying we should play our young guys to let them grow and let them lose. But Barkley has proven over the years he pays little attention to the team and even the NBA as a whole. If anybody watched him on Hank Haney's golf show...he does everything but watch basketball Fri-Weds and then shows up Thurs on TNT to talk basketball. If he was paying attention he would know we are playing our young guys and still winning.

I love Barkley but there's a reason he wouldn't be able to find a job in the league other than media.

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