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Default Re: Rip hamilton completely shut out of rotation

Yeah, rather than sending an assistant coach to talk to Hamilton coach Kuester decided he would send a trainer. That's real professional. I can see why Hamilton was upset by that. For everything he's done for the organization and to have Kuester just play games with him is ridiculous. Hamilton has been cool throughout this whole issue. He's said the right things in the media and hasn't really pointed fingers. He's a guy who can still put up 20ppg in the league. It amazes me how bad of a coach Kuester has been. They put out things like this to try to make him look better but educated fans know what's going on. He's basically completed diminished the trade value of Detroit's two best players and they will get nothing in return for them. Plus being labeled as a coach that players don't like isn't going to be attractive to FA's.
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