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Default I just made a rushed trade..

Due to my frustrations with some of my players, i decidedly to trade them away
Don't know if its a good move afterall

stats based on last 14 days

I'm trading (Milsap, Miller, Stuckey) away for (Chandler, Lowry)
Decided to do this trade because stuckey has been absolutely crap for me lately.. after moving to SG, he doesnt get assists and rebounds anymore. milsap has also been an disappointment. Especially after tonight's games.. (stuck 7pts, 1ast, 2stl) (milsap 8pt 3reb)

I guess since those 2 guys are so inconsistent I'd rather trade for some people who can produce on a more consistent basis.
i will really miss miller though.

I'm in a 10 team rotto league, and I'm currently ranking #1 in the league.
I think both assist and rebounds will have a bit of dropoff.. especially steals.
the 3 points would really help me, as that's one of my weaker stats.

Don't forget after trading 3 of my starters for 2 guys, I'll be able to put in another bench player to help with assist and rebounds.

so how does this trade look? am i a fool?
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