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Default Re: Pistons would like to trade Richard Hamilton

Originally Posted by dd24
I'm not sure who else they could throw in to make the salaries match. I'm also not sure Boston needs a SG necessarily. Semih Erden is completely unproven. He's had a couple decent games and that's about it. We'd need an expiring contract for sure. It's almost the same gamble as using our first round pick on Kanter. I'm thinking we should use our first round pick on Jimmer now! That kid is lighting it up and isn't even considered a lottery pick yet in the mock drafts. His stock is rising and I'm sure he's an early first rounder now.

Jimmer has been sick. He has improved every single year in school too. I thought for sure his junior year was his peak, and I had BYU going far in the tournament just because of Jimmer. I could definitely see him as a 9-14 lotto pick.

I've been watching some Derrick Williams stuff (what I can). The kid is amazingly talented. I think he'll shoot up to a top 8 pick, versus the 1 low to mid teens I see him in drafts. I read people project him as a 3 at the next level, mostly because he's 6'7/6'8, but I think he should play the 4 regardless of height. He's very simiilar to David West, whom people wanted to say he should play the 3 and 4 in the spot minutes, but his skill set just screamed 4.

I don't think it matters too much where you're picking this year, as long as you're in the top 8. Top 8 will be (in my opinion), Perry Jones, Enes Kanter, Terrance Jones, Kyrie Irving, Jared Sullinger, Jonas Valaciunas, Derrick Willaims and Kemba Walker. I think these guys are the top tier. The next tier I think will be guys like Jimmer, John Henson, Harrison Barnes, Jordan Hamilton, Brandon Knight, John Selby, etc.
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