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Default Re: Pistons would like to trade Richard Hamilton

I agree about your picks other than I think Jimmer should be in the top tier. The thing with that guy is he creates his own shots. There's a lot of guys who can score in college but it doesn't translate to the NBA because they aren't creating their own shots. The thing that always translates is the guys who can create. Jimmer has been doing an excellent job of that lately. Yesterday he played against an undefeated San Diego St. team that plays very good defense. It didn't even phase him. I think anybody from Michigan (that's old enough) will definitely remember the head coach of that San Diego St. team too... Steve Fisher. He's a guy who always did a good job coaching both sides of the ball, defensively and offensively. If Jimmer can continue to lead the country in scoring and make a nice run in the playoffs I see him as a top 8 pick. Someone will want to take that chance on him. I don't see him getting drafted over Irving, but right now I think he's the 2nd PG to get drafted. Draft express has him as the #12 pick right now and the 3rd PG to get drafted (it was updated today too...). They have us picking Kemba Walker at 7 now. I'm like Jimmer better at the moment. It could change but if it was today that's who I pick. We all know the Pistons need a guy who can create his own shot, regardless of position.

I like the game of Derrick Williams too, I've just never been a fan of PF's that aren't at least 6'9" (besides Charles Barkley, lol). He's probably a top 5 pick and someone we won't have a chance at anyhow. I'd still really like to see what Jonas is capable of at that spot with Monroe next to him too.
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