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Default Re: Start Watson and Deron at the guards?

Originally Posted by Xiao Yao You
Too small. Might work at times but it makes more sense against other teams 2nd units that are often smaller as well.
Yeah, it's worked well whenever both were on the floor against opposing teams' 2nd units or a hybrid of 1st/2nd squad.

It could just be a gimmick line up that works great during stretches of the game.
Maybe we could use it for half of the 1st and half of the 3rd to start the halves.

I know we've been on Raja's case as of late but there was a stretch of weeks where he was making crucial shots when needed. Similar to Kirilenko's good perimeter shooting in November. Probably back in mid-November and early December, where Raja's FG wasn't this bad.

Raja needs to start doing that again.
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