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Default Examine the effects of the coaching change

As all of you know, Larry Brown lost his players' trust and the essential bond between players and the coach. Why? I think...

Comparing LB to Silas, I have come up with this analogy

Larry Brown = your stereotypical Asian mom
1. too demanding, just the size of LB's playbook is insane
2. shows little respect to the players, often so badly that turns into some sort of ego destroyer, for example constant shouting and barking at the PGs
3. MOST IMPORTANTLY, players don't enjoy playing basketball

Silas = well...not much to say as you all know, the typical Western mom
1. Enjoy basketball, but do let the players realize winning is important and must fight until the last second

I'm not saying LB is a bad coach, it's just that he doesn't have the right "players" who can survive him. LB did "tame" Iverson and has a championship title. It's just unfortunate that perhaps the players we lost this year might had been contributing in gluing the team we had last season.
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