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he's not guaranteed to be Dirk so it's irrelevant. And no matter how good he turns out to be you still have 3 players who are all the exact same and absolutely nothing else. Not only will Aldridge better, but he'll be a better fit, and he solves a GAPING hole, so what is there to think about.
Of course he's not guaranteed to be, we all know that. You said that he still wouldn't fit a NEED even if he was which is just stupid. Every team in the league would take a Dirk Nowitzki whether it fits a need or not.

The Raptors already drafted based on need once recently and they threw away an 8th overall pick. The Raptors are looking at the best talent available no matter what position and that is exactly what they should be doing at #1. If the management decides that it is Gay or Bargnani or Aldridge then fine. It's not like any of these guys are C's anyways. Both Bargnani and Aldridge may be able to play some minutes at C but they're far from being full-time fill ins at that position.

I fear it sometimes also. Look at all the other Euros that have entered the draft the past few years. Some of them just go back to their countries ala Franz Vaquez, Roko Ukic
Those 2 had buyout issues. That is the reason Roko fell all the way to the 2nd round and Orlando was simply stupid.

Then you have players like Darko or Skita who were pretty much picked based on workouts and physical attributes rather than in game production (something Bargnani has on his side). I don't think he'll be a Dirk or Pau but to group him along with those other Euro's really isn't fair when you consider everything.

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