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Default Re: Show me proof that dinosaurs and other planets are real

Originally Posted by zay_24
We all know by now that shyt like dinosaurs are made up by satanist such as Darwin smmfh.

These creatures were not dinosaurs, in fact they were regular reptiles.
A fact that you need to know is that reptiles never stop growing unless they die.
So back in the days, before the flood in which it rained so much it covered the whole earth and drowned every thing not inside of Noahs ark which housed 148 different species of animals, people lived for hundreds of years.
Example, Noah lived to be almost 1000. SO if the people lived about 10 times as long as they do now, so did the reptiles.
So a 3 feet iguana would really be a 30 foot igauna by the end of his life.
A 20 foot alligator nowadays would have been 200 feet back in the days.
So there are no dinosaurs, just simply regular reptiles as you see today.

As far as planets, theres no visual proof of their existance.

Show me proof me people lived to be 1000 years old. Show me proof that reptiles grow until they die.
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