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[quote=BeckDiggLer]Why would the Bulls gaurantee Thomas anything, he was not impressive in his workouts there. The first one he said he was ill due to his flight and the next time he was not phyisally able to do anything, dumb azz where do you get your info. Why would they lock up a guy that has not worked out for anybody and was a dud during the two workouts he had in chicago. Plus he does not have a f..cking position dude, where the does he play? Why pick a positionless player at no.2 azz hole. Roy however, is a Bull type player he would fit in like a glove. They are trying their hardest to move Gordon as I type. Why, because they are some cheap SOB's that's why.

woh woh woh young man, where do u get that thomas wasnt impressive in his workouts?First off he was ill because of the food he had the night before with Skiles an Paxson.Go read what Paxson has to say about him on the bulls website. He likes him, he can play either 3 or 4 they dont know yet,Paxson even called him a "Game changer" and thats what he is, he will be successful with the Bulls, hard worker, great energy. We need athleticism and length and thats what he brings us. I can see it now , Hinrich and Gordon driving the lanes and then dishing it to Thomas for the monster dunk. Why the hell would we take Roy with the number two pick, he wouldnt even start for us, all he is, is a eddie jones type player. We need bigmen an were takin Thomas!
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