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Default Re: Does Daye Start At PF?

Originally Posted by dd24
I always like Daye at SG. I think he should be getting more minutes there. Rip is benched and Gordon is wildly inconsistent. I never really liked him at PF either. While I think he can score at any position (to a certain extent) I just don't see him going against guys like Amare, KG, Gasol, Duncan, etc, etc on a nightly basis. No team could be a contender like that. I think with his length he provides some match up problems at SG and SF and those will probably be his main spots. His problem is he played himself out of the rotation at all with his poor play thus far. Although I do blame some of it on Kuester for switching his position from SG (which he was playing in the preseason successfully) to PF during the regular season.

What I would really like to see is a healthy Jerebko in place of Chris Wilcox right now.... To me it would be interesting to see how a front line of him and Monroe could defend. Plus would they be able to create well enough on offense? Hopefully Jerebko recovers and that might actually become a reality before too long.

I just don't think Daye can guard SG's right now and our roster is crowded with SGs. You have Stuck/BG/White/Rip* all crowding the SG position. Right now he is better suited for SF. Once he plays better D and JJ comes back I could see a move to SG.
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