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Default Re: ISH Hall of Fame

Originally Posted by Cool
Can you vote yourself in? Just curious. I am not gonna do it because the would be stupid. But I just want to know.

Read this post again. Only ways to get in

So you can't nominate yourself by voting for yourself. But you can talk about your accomplisments/reputation and bring in some points from there

Originally Posted by IceMan2
Ways to get into the ISH Hall of Fame:

1. Get 5 MORE nominations for being in than out by posters with 500+ posts. Or posters that are well known

So you have to get 5 MORE nominations for being in than out


If you have 9 for in, and 6 for no in. Your still not in.

NOTE: A poster can nominate as many posters he wants in 1 post


2. Accomplisments/Reputation

Nominate yourself and show your "greantess" in threads, or just a list of things you have done or are and why you deserve to be in the ISH Hall of Fame. It will be reviewed and decided with me and others. Another poster can do this for you too, or you can do this for another poster

You can also get in by a combo of both things
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