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Default Trade for Lebron??

Am I nuts in considering this?
Roto keeper league std yahoo cts
we keep 10

I'm sitting in 3rd place right now and I'm a bit worried about my top 10 players 9and who to drop at the end of the year)

I give Westbrook, Joe Johnson, Demarcus Cousins
I get lebron & DJ Augustin

(I'd more than likely make another deal to strengthen PG)

my roster is

Russell Westbrook thunder PG
Devin Harris nets PG
George Hill spurs PG/SG
Jason Richardson suns SG
Manu Ginobli spurs SG
Joe Johnson hawks SG/SF
Kevin Garnett celtics PF
Paul Millsap jazz PF
Tim Duncan spurs PF/C
Al Jefferson jazz C

Dejuan Blair spurs PF/C
Evan Turner 76ers SG
DeMarcus Cousins kings PF/C
Derrick Favors nets PF

what do you think?
I don't have any top 10 players and with the exception of Westbrook, I'm not sure any of them have a shot at being there? please help me stop beating my head against the wall.... lol
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