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Default Re: Tay Needs To Be Traded Too....

Pistons expected to deal Prince?
Tayshaun Prince has not had his name mentioned in many trade rumors. He’s been the Pistons’ most consistent player, starting every game and producing similar numbers to those of his career averages. To his credit, Tay’s been a mostly-positive influence on his younger teammates, though he has publicly criticized Kuester on multiple occasions this season. His contract expires this summer, and there’s little doubt he will return this offseason for more of this “buffoonery” as he put it. Detroit could use a center or a point guard, but even a draft pick would entice the Pistons to trade Prince before he leaves in the offseason with nothing in return. — Hoops World

Well, this article mentions getting a draft pick too. I've mentioned before it's better than nothing. I think Prince is the most likely to be dealt....
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