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Default Re: Artest's Dog Seized

Are we turning into the 2004 Portland Jail blazers here? It kinda sounds like Ron isn't totally at fault, but it's still retarded and the media in Sac will turn this into a big deal. Sacramento is a big city(kind of) with a small town mentality, similar to Portland IMO. Fans want players who are practically angels and when a player does something wrong a big deal is made out of it. Some lady called into KHTK and said he was a monster. People are going to blow this way out of proportion.

This team has plenty of similarities with the blazers who ended up getting called the Jail blazers. The players hate the coach and ***** about him(Bibby does, Sheed did about Mo Cheeks), someone got caught with drugs(Mo for us, multiple players for the blazers), in between sucking and the playoffs(aka basketball hell, too good to improve and too bad too matter), and we both have/had a crappy young coach(Cheeks/Muss). Ron and Quintel Woods also both had animal troubles, although Ron's aren't as bad. To top it off our coach has a DUI.

Rebuild this team already please.
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