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Default Re: Fire in the Suns

Gortat is beasting and Gentry remembered that the Suns kick ass when they play 4-out with Nash and 3 other bombers.

The lineup of:

Hill or Peet

... is sick. They played that offensive set a lot last year and almost exclusively during the playoffs. Not sure why Gentry went away from that all year, but I hadn't seen it AT ALL before the Celts game. Now it seems he is going with it a lot... hopefully it's not just a fluke. The spacing is better for the Nash/Gortat PnR, and when the D collapses every single man on the perimeter can make them pay. After a few 3's drop the PnR becomes more and more effective, and the D has to pick their poison.

Seems like a no-brainer and I hope they continue to run the offense like this.
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