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Originally Posted by TheGame414
The numbers don't lie. You can take your history and creepy, homoerotic chants. I'll take the best homecourt record in the nation in this decade.

I don't use Z's to act "cool" dumbass arrogant prick, it'z because that'z how I pronounce them in real life due to a speech impediment.

It'z true.

Sometimes the neon orange clothing of the fans at the Krush can blind the other opponent.

Dee Brown iz superhumane and does not get affected, howeva.

Meanwhile, other homecourts meant mentioning include Phog Allen, the Iowa State, Rupp, and Okst (forgot name.) Oakland zoo- pitt.

Cameron, Storrs, and Smith have really nice home records but thats probably more due to the team's talent than the effects of the homecourt itself.
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